Swim Workout : Tribute to Jack

Let me share a swim workout that also serves as a tribute to Jack Pettinger. This swim workout was one of a multitude handed down from Jack to help triathletes in Wisconsin and elsewhere. Jack is still coaching, now pushing 80 years old, a former assistant coach of Doc Councilman – Coach of the 20th Century (look this dude up!!), and Head Coach at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (when he coached multiple Olympic Gold Champions). Jack knows how to train distance freestylers. Since triathlon selects for distance freestylers, his workouts were the mainstay of a large group of triathletes that performed well on the world stage. Let me drop a name. Gwen Jorgenson swam in his summer program while she made her entre into the sport. To the point, here is a workout that addresses the adaptations that, if acquired, will yield dividends to triathletes and Masters swimmers. 


600 swim
600 pull
16x25 build as you go to moderate w/:05
200 pull
12x50 as follows:2 ez-1 strong four times through w/:10
34 minute swim as follows:
11 minutes at pace you could hold “endlessly”
11 minutes at pace you could hold for 90 minutes
14 minutes at pace you could sustain for 40 minutes and no more. This will get uncomfortable. Stay steady.