Polish your training as the big races draw near

Planning out a racing season with broad strokes lays a framework upon which we can fill in the details of how we want our season to look. To make good sense of it all, we can follow basic training principles to create a picture of what we desire.

The principles:
Work on your general fitness early on (your base) and your specific fitness needs (what the race asks of you) as you approach your big races. Work on your weaknesses early on and your strengths as you get close to your goal performance.

General fitness:
Longer less intense efforts to develop the aerobic base that lends itself to endurance and your ability to recover from day to day.

Specific Fitness:
How long is the big race? What does the course ask of you? Is the course hilly or flat, is it hot, is it humid, is it technical? Your training should mimic race conditions if that is possible.

What are your weaknesses? Are they related to the discipline (swim - bike - run) or to something specific within the swim, bike, or run? For instance, do you struggle with hilly courses or are they advantageous for you? However you peg yourself, work on those areas where you are wanting.

Now (getting toward the end of the season in the northern latitudes) is the time to go ahead and have fun developing the strengths that have served you well. Shift the focus to the disciplines that got you where you are and the nuances within each discipline that you depend upon to make your racing statement. Focus on what you do best!

It’s time to party! Have fun playing with your fitness as you nail your goal race.