EP SWIM WORKOUT: Feel For the Water

Improving one’s swim split is a function of improving swimming efficiency and fitness. Drills, stroke work, and increasing yards swum/week all contribute to improving swimming efficiency. All three help develop the all important “feel for the water”. If I had to pick just one thing to improve ones feel for the water, I’d pick increasing the yards swum/week. The kids that racked up the swim yardage before coming to the sport of triathlon have an advantage over those that didn’t. Choose the workout below based on the yards you can complete in a 60-75 minute workout. Workouts like the ones you see here should be done three times per week to see significant improvement in your swim split. 

DESCEND refers to decreasing the time spent finishing a repeat.
For instance, #1 1:10, #2 1:08, #3 1:06