Have you smelled a rose lately

Kicking back, putting the feet up, and adding some extra relaxation to our day gives us a chance to re-charge. After a season of training, with a healthy serving of focus (obsession for some) folded into the mix before the final event, you need some release. There is a time for everything.  If you don't take the time to re-charge, you'll likely find that your body and mind are not ready for the customary build to goal attainment when the time is right. So kick back a little. You deserve it. 

An active lifestyle, once engrained, begs us to do something even when we are kicking back. It's a good thing. If the focus is scaled back and the routine is fresh, you can get an exercise fix and regenerate at the same time. It is also a great time to work on any weaknesses you may have. Weaknesses may be a whole discipline. Or it may be a certain aspect of your physiology. For instance, maybe your endurance is well developed on the run but you lack the tools to run fast. Once the competitive season is upon us, we won't have the time to develop our weaknesses since our time is more efficiently used working on our event specific strengths.

Now is the time to keep it fresh, and develop our weaknesses without worrying about how we'll perform tomorrow. It’s a special time of year. Set aside some time to smell the roses too!